World builders_Project management

In this blog post, I am going to illustrate the production process of creating a 2.5D animation. Before beginning this project, we chose the maze runner as our theme and all of us were happy about it. We decided to divide the scene into six parts and work individually. Although we had planned the project management,art bible and uploaded milestone process for each week on the drive.

There is one potential problem.How can we put our individual art work together? How to create a coherent image / animation?

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 15.18.32.png

Art bible

This is our art bible, which we need to learn and follow the style. It is really challenge for people who are just begin with digital painting. We didn’t talk about the difficulty of this art bible.In my opinion, I want to try to draw this style and see how far I can achieve with this expectation. Although we were a team, we mostly worked individually in the group. However, I shared tutorials about painting techniques and 2.5D  videos on the Slack,where we used to communicate with each other. The issue which we need to confront is not just communication but also give each other help in order to improve our skill and art work.

*Summary issue: Communication
In the world builders group, we have separated the work individually,which mean there are less interaction with each members, therefore, we can 100% focus on ourselves craft. Everyone in this group have different capability on drawing or using software, so in order to put everyone together,we need to be actively communicate either in the class time or on the Slack but we didn’t. There are some negative issue we were trying to ignore and keep move forward. We were trying to avoid having conflict with each other and always give a general commend,such as “looks good!" “nice work!"…etc. That comments won’t help any development on our skill. In my opinion, instead of asking “What do you think of my work so far?" we can question “Where can I develop / improve my work?". And it is always better to talk face to face in order to understand and obverse how ‘s other people feel toward the issue.

The positive aspect I have learned through this group project is to talk with the people who you can learn from and help people who are not so active as a team player. Conversely, the negative aspect is when I tried to help another team mate ,he / she doesn’t want to take my advice or other team members. If it is regards to personal self-esteem, I will respect them.
*Summary issue: Collaboration
Working with other people can be stressful but on the other hand, we can be more responsible and motivated toward ourselves and others. I like to work as a group because it is an opportunity to compare with other people’s work and my own work. For example, Mahdi,she was our leader in the world builders project, she has good skill on painting and full of responsibility. Although we didn’t talk much, I learned a lot from her,such as  finding a good tutorial reference and spent a lot of time to practice. When we confront the problem,we don’t deal an issue with our emotional, we need to be calm and solve the problem itself. Being a leader is not easy and I learned a lot with people when I worked as a group.

In the final of this project, we begin to talk about the problem peacefully. The solution is to share the scene assets with each other in order to create a consistent image when we rendered out the animation.

*Summary issue: Development
I am satisfied with the result of this project, although there are some scene which can be better, overall we did a good job. Before presenting the final gathered  image, we had an individual presentation, which is to show the facilitators and classmates the concept of our drawing, and it was an opportunity to listen third person’s advice. One student said we have totally different art style  in overall and what can we do to create a coherent image? And the conclusion is to share the assets with each other in order to create a consistent 2.5D animation. Most of us were using After Effects to composite the scene to create a 2.5 dimension in a space, and I found that After Effects is a really interesting software! It is enable to turn a flat image into 3 dimension visual picture and also we can create a special particle effect in After Effects.



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