Research and implement specialization best -practice

Hello there
In this blog post, I am going to demonstrate the exercise and research I have been practiced in the last 3 weeks of my trimester.

I mainly focused on digital painting practice in the beginning of this trimester.
I haven’t had a chance to explore more about 3D technique before, so I choose 3D modeling as my specialized in order do not forget how to use 3Ds max and also I want to learn create variety of art pieces to put in my portfolio.

For my specialisation,I planed to create a two heads high character.I used Pinterest to collect references and learnt 3D technique through digital tutors and youtube video.My character’s name is Dolly, she is an old grandma but she is not stubborn instead she has open mind. I did the first concept for her and my idea for this character is bright and active, so I choose light colour for her cloth and design fashion hair for her.

Dolly grandma

This is the first concept I drew for Dolly and I really like it!

Because of the limited time and other projects needs to complete, I didn’t have enough time to focus and develop this character, so once I have an idea how’s Dolly looks like,I start to build a model in 3Ds max.

Dolly modeling process

Modelling Dolly in 3Ds max

Before start build Dolly in 3Ds max, I did research and watch tutorial for having idea how to turn 2D image into 3 dimension model.

I found this variety of hands model sheet in Pinterest.
In this image, it shows model’s wireframe , which gave me a direction to build and shape hands.

In this pinterest board,I collected character concept  and modeling  references for inspiration.
Dolly modelling

Dolly’s fashion hair is part of her characteristic and also is the complex part of this model.

this tutorial is to teach how to build a  hair mesh model in 3Ds max. Although I didn’t follow every step through this video,it is a good inspiration when I don’t have any idea from where to start.

dolly model complete
This is the complete model in 3Ds max.I also uploaded this model on sketchfab.
This model still have a room for improvement,so I will use the break time to keep developing this character.



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