Learning Pixel Art technique

In my memory about pixel art was in my childhood when I used to play video game, such as Sonic game or Doraemon…etc.

I like this kind of art but I never had a chance to know how to create pixel art until I cooperate with game student to help them create pixel art assets. I did some research about pixel art and the technique,so I wanna share with you about my discovery!

*What is Pixel art?
-Pixel art, which are composited and edited by every single pixel then turn into an object or character which is low resolution. Pixel art also is a form of digital art, you can mostly see it appears on the early mobile game or old computer.

*How to create pixel art and which software to use?
-Pixel art might frighten people who never have an experience before. So its time to practice! I found a website which teach the beginner how to start the first step of their pixel art!
Here is the URL: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/pixel-art-tutorials/



You can start with any simple element you see everyday.This is an example from the  above tutorial website!This rock seems sophisticated but once you start to draw it, you will learn about structuration, shading and special highlighting techniques.
If you wanna learn pixel art textures,this article will be a good tutorial for the beginner or concept artist to begin with! They teach you step by step and also attached visualise explanation ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Another tutorial which is creating a tree.It’s interesting and also useful for every game environment design! Tutorial↓↓↓↓↓↓

Overall,there are a lot of tutorial on Pinterest and website to teach you how to create pixel art asset! Practice makes perfect!
And also here is the link below which, I cooperate with game student to create pixel art!




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