Studio 3_World Build Project

image of the maze runner

Hello there
In this world build project, we are working as a team in 6 people and we have to create a world concept teaser, which is based on a description from a book and also find the existing shot from the film .The book we are chosen for this group project it’s The maze runner. It is an action,mystery and science fiction genre movie. The brief of this movie is the main character Thomas who has been sending to the place called glade and when he wakes up, he doesn’t know who he is or how he got there. This glade is surrounded squarely by a mile-high wall made of concrete. Outside of this wall is a maze, which changes the form every day.
This is the wall surrounded the glade.the glade-2.png
Inside the glade.
In our group, we are mainly focused on digital painting skill and then use After Effect to produce 2.5D animation for the showcase. We’ve separated two group which is the glade and the maze. So I am working on the glade scene with Jessie and others are working on the maze.

We communicate through slack very often and trying to put the idea together.Actually, we have a share folder in google drive for uploading the documents and concepts.About art bible and mood board, we are using Pinterest for collecting the references.

We pinned the art style which we are expected in this art bible board.
painting is first contact for me and it’s quite challenge, I don’t have deep knowledge about how it works but I think this is a really good opportunity to learn and thrive in this trimester!And I do really like the art style which we are going to build!

This is an example of our art style↑↑↑↑↑↑↑
Lighting it’s extremely important for objects and atmosphere in the environment.

This mood board is for the glade,so me and Jessie we uploaded the existing shot from the film as a references.


slack chat.png
We are using slack as a communication platform to share the process and give feedback to each other.In my opinion,I think the communication between each other is crucial and necessary in this cooperation process.


We manage our plan in google dive, inside include time sheets which each person have to work on this project at least 9 hours class time and 18 hours outside of class.And there also have millstone which we have to aim it each week.
We also have google drive for uploading all the document and concept art.

My art work in world build project.

I have a several idea for my scene which is the environment inside the glade.I really like the tree tower (up left image) and I think it could give the scene more interesting feeling but due to I could find enough reference for the tree tower,so I drew another scene instead.

Here is the image from existing film shot.↑↑↑↑↑↑


We have different time scene for each of us,which is mid-dawn(Mahdi)→early morning(Vicky)→morning-midday(Issac)→midday-afternoon(Hamish)→sunset-evening(Jessie)→evening-night(Cat).

I worked on the early morning which is the sunrise scene. So I start to do some research about the light colour (Hue) and how it reflect on the cloud(Lighting)↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

I try to identify which colours can represent the early morning and draw them into a beautiful pictures!

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 18.46.06
sky scene
color palette and scene
whole scene

I am pretty happy the sky’s result comes out with this fantasy feeling! Although this look like sunset scene,I think I need to put more effort on the lighting skills and understood where the light actually come from and reflect on the object .Anyway I think the more I practice the better I will get! This is an immortal tip :D!