How do I finalize my animation

In this blog I am going to talk about how I finalized all the project together and which medium I am using to complete my showreel for an exhibition.

Firstly I rendered out all the animation and characters turnaround model into HDTV(video) and set up the out put size in 1280×720 px
Rendering set up

After rendering everything out, I put them in order in Premier pro and put the music in other layer in order to match the animation video.

Premiere pro medium
This is image is render test!
edit music and video

When I completed editing my animation video and the music,I just export it and chose the format as H.264 and Preset as HD 720p because after this video export, it will show a good quality of the video and also it won’t be amount of GB.
export setting

And this is the final video!



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