Animation Specialization_3D Dog

Hello there 🙂

In this blog I am going to describe the progress of creating my 3D animation pantomime which it’s a 3D dog playing with the ball. The brief for this project is to make a 10 second long animation in 5 weeks. I was planning to make 2D pantomime for this animation but it’s too much time consuming and will probably end nothing, so I was in hurry to make a 3D low poly dog for this animation.
A lot of research and reference for creating a dog and also need to consider which part you need to put more edge on it when you are modeling it.
So I watched those website which I think it helps ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓


This video is a guy build a low poly wolf in Blender and it also include rigging and animating but this is just a really quick tutorial without explanation.

I use Pinterest as my reference tool and create a mood-board for collecting the dog images which I expected to make ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓


I also looking the low poly dog modeling in Sketchfab which I think it’s pretty useful!
Skatchfab_low poly dog

So I create my low poly dog and it has 2148 poly and 1429 verts.

and then I just put simple color on it without unwrapping because the main focus is animating.


Add bones

finish rigging

Add control

Adding bones,rigging and skinning is the hardest parts in the production pipeline in this project.
The next step is animating this dog and see if it works well or badly.So I watched this video and set it as low speed and see how dog walk and also some paper reference!

Dog walk cycle 01


and this is my result….which need to speed up some frame and this is my first try for this dog animation!

Then I started to make my whole animation for this dog…it has a lot of problems when I was on this step:'(….this animation suppose to be 15 seconds and the dog has to jump around the ball but it totally goes wrong and always need to be fixed,so I spend around 2 weeks animating and fixing….

This is the result of my just takes 8 seconds and just have a basic look and animation…I was unconsciously collapse the skin in 3Ds max because I want to fix the vertex on this dog….and the WRONG thing I did is just save in the same file….So my facilitator suggest me redo animation or skinning….so I redo animating….it’s a sad but a good lesson to tell animators always named your animation in different file and always save it!



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