Animation History research_Stop motion

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In this blog post I am going to talk about animation history which I choose stop motion as my specific topic!In the following paragraph it will include an introduction and the important chronology in stop motion history and also there are some example about claymation!

-What is stop motion animation?

Stop motion(also called stop frame animation) is an animation technique which animators have to physically manipulate the puppets or an object pose to pose and set up the camera for shooting the object frame by frame and when you play back those images rapidly as a sequences it will create the illusion of movement.
1.Stop motion animation example, frame 12.Stop motion animation example, frame 2
3.Stop motion animation example, frame 34.Stop motion animation example, frame 4
Animated!Stop motion animation example, animatedFrom:

In the early century about stop motion animation was captured by film camera, the animators can’t not see there work until their animation been produced.If the result shows badly on lighting or it wasn’t fluid as it should be,the process has to go over again.

-The important chronology in stop motion history


Those chronology information were coming from Dobson(2009,p.13) which is listing the important animation history since early 1798 year.

-What is an example of clay animation?

There are so many good clay animation produced in the theater this days! But in this blog,I am gonna just talk one of them and it also it’s my favorite one. 🙂


Paranorman is a stop motion animation produced by LAIKA studio. They used the professional camera assets for catching the images. I read one article from fxguide on the website and it said that “To film most of the principal animation, LAIKA used 63 Canon 5D Mark II cameras fitted with left and right sliders to capture stereo pair frames. Also, the production relied on 53 motion control systems made up of 36 Kuper systems and 17 proprietary systems, and 21 motion control track and boom rigs. The camera department generated 20 hours, 29 minutes of footage (which amounts to 1,770,601 frames)."

And this is the interesting video I found in this fxguide as well! It shows the progress how they set up their scene and move the puppets frame by frame.Although it is stop motion and manipulate by the professional animators, the special effect still relay on VFX for creating atmosphere and visual effect in animation scene.

Paranorman behind the scene.


Dobson, N. (2009). Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts : Historical Dictionary of Animation and Cartoons. Blue Ridge Summit, US: Scarecrow Press. Retrieved from

The tech behind ParaNorman



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