Aftermath Project_ Steampunk_Gaslid

Hello there,
In this blog,I am gonna demonstrate the process of making this AFTERMATH_ENVIRONMENT.

The Brief of this project is to tell a story through the environment we create. We have 5 people work on this project and we decided to make a steam-punk style gas lid, the story of our environment project is talking about an explosion happened in an old factory and it destroyed an equipment in the lab, inside of this factory has toxic liquid and bloody cyborg drag their half body on the floor.

This is my first idea and draft of the environment we are planning ↓↓↓↓↓↓ 

but it wasn’t be taken :P…

We have our project plan and document on the google drive.↓↓↓↓

project plan
It is pretty organized and clear. Almost all the group members are pretty sure what are they going to do for this project.We also use slack as a communicate platform to make sure we are always on the right track.Sometimes we will get each other’s feedback through slack and also in the class time when we present our project  to facilitators and classmates. (Image of Slack↓↓↓↓)

One of our group member recommend to use Trello for organizing the models and assets,we also set up the folder on the drive as well.↓↓↓↓

We did research and reference of the visual image for our project and share it on the drive.↓↓↓↓    

In this project I am doing a vat for the gas lid, I did a draft and reference for this object before modeling . ↓↓↓↓

After modeling this vat in 3Ds max, I render out the low poly model and also normal map,diffuse map, specular and Ambient Occlusion.↓↓↓↓

This is the final video of our aftermath project. It look really good! Although there are many empty place which is a bit shame if we can create more assets and put inside to create a messy visual effect.

In conclusion, I spent a lot of time to learn how to use Quixel for texturing.Although I didn’t do much in this aftermath project and it makes me stress a lot in the process, I really try my best to learn new skills from classmates and finish my work on time,so overall, I am glad I learn something from this project and will be quicker and efficiently in the future project!



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