Endless Run_production methods and pipelines

Hello there,
In this blog,I am going to talk about the project which I worked in the cross-discipline with the game student. The brief of this project is to choose the top five famous themes which animation students voted together.The example of this game style is like the Temple Run

The character has to start the endless run and collect the coins and also avoid the obstacles.So what we have to achieve in this project is to create a character and animating three actions, which are jumping, running, sliding.

I choose Space Pulp as  my theme and there is my mood board.⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓

My main focus is my character modeling,which I wanna present it as a female character and set her as a futuristic robot.


(The screen shot from 3Ds max.)
The idea of creating this character is to build her in low poly and create another high poly model to add more details, such as the screws around the neck piece.


In this modeling pipeline, I was suffering on unwrapping which takes me 3 days to deal with it.The problem that I confront was that I put chamfer in the low poly which I should add the in high poly instead.So the way I put up with unwrapping is to unwrap the half of the character and add symmetry in the end.


(The screen shot of finishing unwrapping in 3Ds max)

After the unwrapping process,I started to create normal map, diffuse-map and Ambient Occlusion before start put in the Quixel.

(The first top:Ambient Occlusion)  (The last bottom:Diffuse Map)

(The right one:Normal map)


This is the final image of my female robot!!
I am pretty happy with the result! Although the idea of this character should have plastic material on her cloth in order to show futuristic style, such as those pictures I found as a references ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓

But then I changed the vision of my character into hard surface character which I choose iron and cooper…etc. as my character’s material.⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓




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