Specialisation Project_3D animation pantomime

In this blog, I am going to talk about a 10 seconds 3D animation which I am going to create in the rest of 6 weeks by my own. Before starting this animation project,I need to do some researches and references for the concept. However, it is essentially to understand what is an animation pipeline before go through. I’ve found a really good website page,which explain how to make an animation movie,which been divided into three parts: pre-production,production and post-production.

This is the URL of this website ↓↓↓↓↓


To give you a brief of this animation, it is a character receiving a mediocre gift and trying not to show their disappointment.

I’ve started my rough storyboard in week 8.↓↓↓↓

storyboard_01                                                                                                                     Created by Vicky Wang.

A character is feeling bored in the first scene and then he suddenly received a gift box which slides into frame.He got shocked because he didn’t expect the present and then he opened this gift box with curiosity and expectation! Unfortunately, the present isn’t that good as he imagine but he doesn’t wanna show people his disappointment.In the next scene shows he is checking if people already leaving after making sure everyone is gone,he took his lighter prepared to burn this mediocre gift.


Created by Vicky Wang.

In the rest of the scenes,I will focus on the camera angle setting which is toward the character’s tricky face.
When I was drawing my storyboard,I asked my friend Daniel Maun to do a pose so I could reference the position of his body.

Here is the references pictures by Daniel Maun ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Scene 08                   Scene 09                       Scene 10                      Scene 11

08  09  10  11

Scene 12                      Scene 13

12   13

In every  Wednesday, we use to show our lectures our workflow and animation process and get feed back on slack from classmates. I really like to get a commend from people because I already feeling tired on my animation images and the way my character move…so people’s commends always help me to think out of the box and refresh my thinking again!
slack image











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