LO3. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic techniques of digital compositing.

Hello there,
In this blog, I am going to talk about an understanding of the basic techniques of digital compositing, which is After Effect  128px-Adobe_After_Effects_CS6_Icon

In this trimester, we learnt how to use After Effect to create 3D animation in space and be familiar with the toolbar inside the workplace.

Unfortunately….I can’t open the work which I finished in the class properly….it was showing me the collapse images…… 😥
Therefore, I did some research and practice for this LO and also for myself to develop my own skill.

I am going to give you a brief about what I am going to show you in this animation process through After Effect. This short animation will be in a snow forest scene with the sunrise!

BG and Sky

Firstly, I am setting the background and the sky for preparing to composite.



Adjust trees   tree and BG composition

In this step, I set up and animated the trees individually and creating a composition of trees with the sky and ground.

duplicated forest duplicating_top view

The third step was duplicating the precom of trees to create the forest! The left side of the picture have 2 views-vertical which can be seen on the top angle and active camera angle, it is convenient setting to know how is the object direction goes on in the scene. I also post the full-screen top view showing clearly the duplicating process of the trees.


Then star the lighting setting.

Camera setting

…….Adding camera and a null object, then adding the lens flare……but I have a really big issue in this “adding the lens flare"…:'(   I spent almost half day trying to find “knoll light factory lens designer" in “Effect"…..but I can’t find it and create the beautiful light effect for my animation…..so I was just simply create the light on the sky…..it’s pity 😛

speed graph fixed

Above picture is adjusting the speed  graph on the timeline, which can create smoother movement in an animation.

Final video rendered!! 🙂










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