LO19. Interpret a brief and deliver a product to a client’s specification


In this blog, I am going to share the experience which I cooperate with the game students (cross-discipline). Our leader Ben wanted animators to create a fantasy land and create 3D assets for environment and characters  in this virtual game world. The characters in this world have to attack each other and the objects in order to get points.


I am one of the animators who draw the concept map for them, then  they chose my idea to create their game environment. 🙂
I also draw several characters for them, but all of them doesn’t fit in this virtual world.

pict_high house

My task in this game project was to draw several concepts and  create a pyramid, high and short building 3D assets.


This is the environment in our game’s world.



Overlook the environment.

In conclusion, I see my leader as a client who want me to create some idea and drawing for him. As I mentioned in the beginning, I drew several characters for him but he didn’t use one of them in the end, I think the problem was I didn’t get his point and what he requested me to do. Therefore, I always asking my leader if I was out of the track or not. Fortunately, I am so glad I can help him with designing the map and build the 3D assets and make an effort with our teammates.

I help my groupmate to do several animation for this crab dude, such as attack reaction, push back and fall.

I am satisfied with this project and result, also very delight I learnt something through this process.

I also join with the graphic student, Evie, who was my leader in this cross-discipline project. I did short and simple animation for her. The purpose of this animation is to deliver the message of the fresh fruit affecting people’s health in many ways, people can be more confident and positive  and so on.




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