LO9. Apply the principles of animation to digital 3D character.

Hello there!
In this blog, I am going to share the process of my obstacle course animation. I chose Woody as my character! The way Woody move is really flexible and interesting!
I watched several video, such as this one…..it’s a really good reference!!

In this video, Woody climb the wall and jump over the obstacles, I really appreciate I found this as a reference because it help me a lot to identify the way he moves and his personality as well.


I drew several  Woody’s draft movement when he creeping up the toilet. He is a toy, so he doesn’t have a skeleton in his body :)…..but not as octopus!


I like to watch carefully through the video when Woody anticipates to jump up or squash and stretch his figure.


This is the first frame of my character just stand straightly.
2Then he starts to walk toward the box and trying to push it away.
3The anticipation before next action.


then push!


but the box is not as light as he thought…

6so he uses his whole body pushing the box….but it doesn’t seems it work…


then he move one step back and then push the box again!


pushing the box!!!!!!


ooooops….the box move forward but he loses his balance!10

Woody fall down on the ground, his body can fold in any way. He always being in this situation when a human is coming.

When Woody pushing the box away, he shows the weight of the box isn’t a light one. He is using his whole body figure to exaggerate and present how light and skinning he is to against the box he is pushing on. In this blog, it also related to LO 10, which is “apply physically accurate weight and forces behind the actions of animated characters." I think a good way to understand your character’s movement is trying to act first, act as your character! You have to put yourself in that situation and feel you are this character.

This is my final image of my animation.









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