LO 16/17. Produce work on time and within scope by engaging appropriate project management methodologies

Hello there,
In this blog, I am going to talk about the time management in the two groups projects, which I worked with.One group was reboot project, we worked with studio 1, 2 and 3 students. We named our group as “potato potato". Our task was rebooted the old movie “Around the world in 80 days" in 1956. Another one was cooperating with the game students(Cross-discipline project), the name of the game project is “Paper Titans".

Potato Potato Logo

Our group name and logo!! 😀

weekly task

About reboot project, our leader Toby asked our strength and what kind of work we want to take then put us in order in weekly tasks. I was thinking to draw characters design, but another student took it before me : P, then I worked on the elements concept design, I was happy to do it and it also challenge me a lot on my drawing skill and observation.


I think we had a really good and responsible leader who lead us and who concern this project very much! This is the timeline for our reboot project. We communicate with each other and talk about the problems we met in the production.

Asset List potatoOur leader put the works and each members’ name in order to make it really clear and understandable. Once we finished our tasks, we have to post it in Slack and asked feedback from other members, if everybody and the leader approved your tasks, you can just tick off your part of work in the list. 🙂
Team time sheet potato

In the final of our project, we show our facilitators the team time sheet, which is how long it takes to produce this 30 seconds animation in this 5 weeks.
In conclusion, it was really fun and pleasant to work with my group members, everybody was so passionate with the tasks they were working on, people also asking feedback from everyone and speak out their problems and issues. However, I think the key point was that we have a clear timeline to show the deadline and the assets list to show everyone’s position, it gave me a lot of motivation to keep working on my tasks and also I want to see the good result as well.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.54.15

We were using Slack to communicate together and sharing the work with each other!

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 11.40.28
Another efficient technical framework is “Google Drive"!!! Here is the place where we put our document and art together(Reboot project, Cross-discipline, animation obstacle course…etc.). I use google drive a lot in this trimester and I really like it<3



About the cross-discipline project, we cooperate with game students and with several animators.

Visual asset task game

We have our asset list for making sure each member’s task. It didn’t have as many details as my reboot project assets list provide, but the game leader Ben always check how’s going with our work and trying to motivate us to keep working in the production.

It is fun to work with different people and project because I can get experience through the process and also I will know people who is good to work with and who need more help.






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