ANI210_Studio1_Week2_character analysis

Hello, everyone, my name is Vicky
I am studying a bachelor of animation in SAE Qantm Brisbane.


( )
In week 2, we chose our group style for creating our character. After a seriously consider, we chose Futurama TV series for designing our character style. In the following paragraphs, I am going to talk about my own character style analysis.
My character’s name is Tingting-Dongdong. This character style is based on Bart Simpson figure and other characters facial which appear in Futurama/Simpsons TV series. However, I combine my own appearance with this character to make her more interesting and vivid.

12003366_1067882903236728_7754001637043188255_n this is Vicky!

1(first draft)

(Tingting-Dongdong designed by Vicky)
In this draft, she looks pretty ordinary and seems easy to be ignored by audiences. Therefore, I change this character facial appearance a bit more tend to Asian character.

2 (second draft)

3(third draft)

(Tingting-Dongdong designed by Vicky)

I prefer draft 2  more than draft 3 because draft 2 obviously shows Simpsons style and also similar to me.

Draft 3 is fine, but she looks too serious if we had to put her into Futurama’s universe.

Tingting-Dongdong’s personality:

She is an optimistic character who always shows people her energetic power. On the other hand, she is an emotion character and it’s hard to hide her own feeling to other people.

So I did several facial expression for Tingting-Dongdong to lead reader feel closer and familiar with this character.

4(facial expression 1)

5 (facial expression2)

(Tingting-Dongdong designed by Vicky)

Finally, I also design Tingting-Dongdong model sheet to show her whole figures, such as front, side, and back. Tingting-Dongdong this name came  from my Chinese nickname Tingting, and Dongdong it’s like a bell sound to make this character name funny and interesting.


(model sheet designed by Vicky)



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