Week 6: Social Media & Your Career

Through this lecture, we were learning how can we put ourselves in appropriate position and how can we improve our skill to fit in our media industry.

Many people put their video on the website to present their work, share experience to other people or they might want to apply for college or company. Video blogging is the one of efficiently way to show your current work to overseas people. I remember in the first trimester of CIU class,our lecture taught us how to present ourselves in network world.For example, we were using Pinterest to post our own art work and following some people to get some idea and broaden our horizon. We also use “about me.com" to introduce ourselves to other people and so on. We learn presentation technique as well, it was so  frustrated for me, because I rarely speak in front of many people and English is not my second language.

However, how can we use the network to show our strength and how to improve weakness? 

Some of students from CalArt post their own work on youtube and they will receive some feedback from different kind of people,which is really good,because you can increase your own opportunity to get some jobs if there are some companies admire your art work.

It is important to practice your weakness and make it perfect or until you are satisfy your final result. I watched one video from youtube and I think that is the good video to deliver the message about  “Never give up"

(First rejected CalArts Sketchbook)

(from: Animated Decisions)

(2nd Rejected CalArts Sketchbook)

(from: Animated Decisions)

(Accepted CalArts Sketchbook Character Animation)

(from: Animated Decisions)

Yep! She makes it !

Present yourself in a way that’s appealing to employer or institution,think about what  specialist they want and why?

For example, I was reading one article from Pixar animation studio before, and they said they don’t want people with highly skill, they want people with creative thinking.

Therefore, drawing realistic style is not a skill which Pixar want. Conversely, you have to have your own though and methodology to create whatever project they throw to you.

In my point of view, you have to find you strength and keep going to evolve it and find your personal style to be unique.




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