Week 5: Inclusive Design

Inclusive design mean’s they are not just designing for the specific group, in the other hand, those product are used by people who is disable. However, it’s not just product have inclusive design, but also in the media industry. For example, when you are watching DVD, you will see there are subtitle which is for deaf people to watch. Those is positive thing to know from inclusive design.

In another point of view,I would like to talk about gender and sexuality set up in the early animation industry,nevertheless, it also influence other media industry as well. Disney’s early feature animation have same stereotype, such as snow white,sleeping beauty and Cinderella,those princesses always singing and behave elegant and all of them have prince come to rescue them. However, it’s not just animation have this kind of cliché story, but also in cinematography. The female character always be set up as a weak protagonist, and that is really sexuality racist.

However, the stereotype for princesses have been changing currently. For example, Disney producing Frozen in 2013 and the princess’s stereotype was not as strong than before. Another good example is Brave which was present in 2012 by Pixar animation studio. This is my favourite cartoon as well, and the director was female, Brenda Chapman, she wished to produce different animation which was dark fork tale with magical element inside of this animation.

I am really glad I was born in this century, otherwise if I want to be an animation in the past,I will probably just can add ink for “male" artists.




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