Week 4: Secret Interview Techniques

In this week we are talking about the secret interview technique.The meaning behind this topic probably means how can you show your strength to a company which you want to apply. For example, you might show your portfolio, experience, your passion on your career or the project you did with group something like that.

However,my strength in the group working probably is calming influence on the group I work. I know that everybody have different personality and thinking, so sometime it’s hard to keep balance on each other’s idea. Therefore,calming influence is important in a company’s working process, because other employees or artists will have more stronger personality than the people who you cooperate with in college. This is common that people who already have experience and thought they are expert often wants to stick on their own design instead of accept other ones, in order to convince them, it is essentially to have a role who is calming influence.

If I want to convine Pixar animation studio to give me a chance to work for them,I would like to show them story board which I have ability to do quick drawing and translate the story into a visual language to tell the story. I also have an ability to write description and turn the creative image into the words and there are some related position that I can do is character description, plot lines and back story,I do enjoy to put myself into the story and think what happen to bring the character in a story or particular scene. In additionally, I will put my daily drawing in portfolio to show them I have foundation drawing skill. Overall of the presenting is to demonstrate the core of my skill and what I want to work for.

In closing I would like to answer one of the recruitment questions contain in the Pixar interview Questions :Tell me an important goal that you set in the past.

Vicky: When I studied in junior high school in Taiwan,I just feel I like drawing and I can sit all day in the room just drawing. Then I was trying to join some drawing competition just for hobby,I didn’t expect anything for this competition actually,then a few weeks later I receive the message from the competition organisation and they told me I got second prize. Well I was really surprise and it makes me feel more confident to choose drawing in my future career. Therefore, I started to watch a lot of animation and imitate their drawing style,the most impressive films that I love so much are all made from Pixar animation studio. And this was the beginning what I set up that I am gonna work as an animator in Pixar animation studio in the future,and it never be changed !!




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