Week 3: Your Income & Your Art

In this week’s lecture, we were talking about how can we earn money to support our creative projects? And how’s it going in our media industry currently?

However, this article will focus on Pixar Animation industry,which I want to work as a character designer and storyteller in the future. I searched some relative resources for this writing.

Firstly, “what is the animation employment overview?" They have different type of workplaces, such as freelance or companies. In animation industry they producing Film, TV and Game…etc. which influence amount of employees put themselves into this media career. Therefore, the animation artists have different workplaces and it means those creators have to have different skills requirement,such as storyboarding, script writer and 3D modeller…and so on. Animation artists usually hire people with specialists    and have specific skill in animating or other creative processes. Jesse Winchester Schmidt (2015) shares his experience in the animation industry and relays a story detailing when the company asked three animation artists to talk about their experience as animation artists,one of them said that you have to find your own specific skill and practice your skill to get good,you also have to built your own foundation on animating and drawing. However, you don’t have to be expert on everything,but find one thing that you feel confident to do. Another important point is that you often need to do internship or entry job to get a job, and this is a crucial time you need to prove you have animation skills and understand the process animation,such as storyboarding, digital drawing, 2D animating or 3D animating and so on. In additional, your employer will hope you always have new idea to surprise him,therefore,upgrade your skill on technology, drawing or script,I mean script it’s that you have new point of view of something and help you to develop your writing quality. Improve skills while at company it’s important so you can grow with your position. 

Last topic I would like to discuss it’s “what are animation company like?"

Technology development is essentially animation company producing the film or cartoon. However, hand drawing it’s important skill that animator should have !! Despite of 3D animation dominant the animation institute, technology and software change all the time and the only thing doesn’t change is your hand drawing skill. People can replace you easily if they have as same technology skill as you. Because of technology development,it makes animation company device many new position and it bring more jobs to the media creator. Animation company have many subject for artists to work on, such as work for digital in TV, filming, publishing and music compression….etc.

In conclusion, you may work as freelance or companies, and you will have more position choice than the past generation, always make sure to try new stuff and do some drawing each day.^^


Winchester Schmidt, J. (2015). “5 Ways to become more hireable in the animation industry". Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z65uqHgXaKY




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