Week 2: How Are We The Same?

In this article it depicted about the example of film “media industry".

the example of old “studio system" where a person was employed all the time (continuously). But this phenomenon was changed in 1970’s post-industry,people working with their short-term or nonstandard employment in different companies or contractors.This also effects other media industries creators.we call this kind of people as “entrepreneurial labor" or “new media workers". (Gina,2005) and other 2 authors have several definition of entrepreneurial labour, such as cool sense of cultural quality,creativity,autonomy,self-investment,compulsory networking…etc. As you can see, this new trend of media industry pushing those new media workers to update their skill and knowledge.

However, most creative media practitioners will experience insecure employment.In the following paragraphs will discuss about how can the new media worker get the most out of periods of employment.

According to this book “your career in animation:how to survive and thrive", David B.Levy.(2006) mentioned that animation work can be sporadic. Therefore most of animation artists work project to project and it’s common for projects to last as short as a few days or a few weeks.(p.76)

well…that’s sounds pretty insecurity,isn’t it ?



However, there are some animation artists suggests how can you prevent to put your career on the risk.

Elanna Allen who is character designer and stop motion animator said “It is always important to constantly improve drawing skills,I try to take a lot of additional classes and attend live model sessions." As she said, you have to make sure you always update your skills and invest yourself to be strong enough to fit in this unexpectable animation industry.

I found that was quite hard to adapt different position and be professional in your career. For example, I do study animation in SAE Qantm. Although be an animator and work in Pixar animation studio are my dream, after one trimester past I found that I don’t really adore 3D stuff….I was struggling finished my 3D modelling last trimester and I though I am free and finally I don’t need to learn 3D stuff anymore. Unfortunately,what I though was just “what I though in my mind" :’ (

However, there are a lot of different methodologies to learn software or improve your drawing skills,such as asking friend who is 3Dmax expert or taking a tutorial in class …etc . Moreover, your skill is one of the essential part of how can you survive in animation industry,another one which I want to mention is networking, it will help you get some jobs if there are someone recommend you for another project. Networking helps you to broaden your relation with other(creative people or animation artists) .

In my conclusion is that do not limit yourself to approach new stuff,whatever you like or not,just need to experience it. And it’s also the words which I have to tell myself. Otherwise you will restrict your ability and become a fossil in this inevitable media industry.




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