A highlight of the history of 3D Graphics with visual examples (Week4)

– Describe a highlight of the history of 3D Graphics with visual examples.

3D graphics include hight, width and depth.  On the other hands,2D graphics means hight, width but no depth. From the original 2D animation are developing to 3D animation Graphics, which is the biggest improvement in technology and movie area. People are expecting high degree in everything we watch or feel have to be realistic. 3D graphic producer operate the shapes, surface textures, lighting, perspective, depth of field and anti-aliasing to make the picture or image more real and lifelike. 3D graphics is also be the trend of films,games and involved in every broadcast media.

– Find and link to the blog of a practitioner who has contributed to a piece of work that inspires you. Show examples of their work and describe the details of their role on the project.

( http://www.interferencepattern.com/index.php/Portfolio/the-lost-thing/ )

( http://www.interferencepattern.com/index.php/Portfolio/the-lost-thing/ )

( http://www.interferencepattern.com/index.php/Portfolio/the-lost-thing/ )

( http://www.interferencepattern.com/index.php/Portfolio/the-lost-thing/ )

Those works is from SHAUN TAN, he is an artist, writer and film maker. I like his works style and the way he present his animators. Although there are many animation works present on the media, his work is instantly recognisable. Characters feature and the colour of the scenery etc. have some elements in this 15 minutes animation make people feel interested in this.

If you are interested in SHUAN TAN’s “the lost thing" 15 minutes short film

please link to this website : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVV7kxQdolY

Here is the website link about him: http://www.shauntan.net




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