UV Mapping, Texturing and Shaders, Rigging & Animation (Week2)

UV Mapping:

UV mapping is the process of developing 2D flat surface to 3D character or object, and this is known as texturing. Movie producer needs to make sure that the 2D surface of their texture is accurately aligned with the 3D object. UV mapping is un-wrepping 3D object like a paper, so it can be easily painted on the surface.

Texturing and Shaders:

In this phases, you will learn how to make your character or object more realistic and also learn about how to use materials, shaders , textures ,maps more efficiently. You can also add physical textures and color to your models (Boudon, 2014). The texturing also helps the object look like it is under a light source. For instance, the software like ZBrush or Mudbox can help you to add more detail on your character.


Makes the character or object move realistically so that the object moves at the correct point. For example, the character moves at the knees and elbow. In this process is preparing your 3D character model for animation, and set up the models underlying bone structure, which can be connected with character’s control point and orientation of a character’s body (Slick, 2015).



In an animation phases, animators need to put all the rigging together and using timeline to link all the shot fluency. Animators might test a lot of times in this process to make sure every single frame is running in the accurate timeline. In order to build the animated sequence the animators will continually refer back to storyboards that inform them of the character activity of the scene.


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http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/motion-graphics/monsters-university-behind-scenes-from-sketchbook-screen/#4( animation picture)




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