Lighting, Rendering & Composing (Week 3)



Lighting is the icing on the cake of 3D modeling. To do lighting on your 3D modeling, you have to certainly know the motivation of your story going. Once you know your light’s motivation, you can design what qualities of light to depict your story and which sources can you study or think when you are creating an appearance in 3D (Birn, 2006).


Determining the type and quality of the rendering helps makes the object look more appealing and also mimic reality in materials such as glass transparency. This step is closely with lighting and even need to texture your object.



Compositing is to put different elements and sources into a movie then assemble with real actors and actress. In the beginning, movie producer uses green scene to set for their background, then they assembling and combining filmed or rendered elements from various sources , to create a final lifelike image to present to audience.


Birn, J. (2006). Digital Lighting and Rendering (2nd ed.). Indianapolis: New Riders. (picture of lighting),-lighting-and-look-development (picture of compositing)



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