Research Blog: 3D Modelling Terminology

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.27.56

In this blog, I am going to talk about 3D terminology which we need to understand in the 3D modelling pipeline.In order to familiar with some specific terms,I listed several examples to clarify what function they’ve been used in the process of creating a model.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.27.20Polygon Geometry:
Polygon is the actual object you manipulate into a whole object and it is also the most commonly used type in 3D. In order to create a smooth surfaces with polygon,3D modeller will need to add more geometry or either NURBS(abbreviation for “Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline").

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.26.16
Topology is the way the lines around the polygons are moving,so the topology has to be  around the joint of the figure model in order to create a  fluent flexibility when the 3D object is been animated.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.25.39Faces:
The surface of the 3D object is consisted of many faces, it is the most basic component of a 3D polygon.To create a face, it needs three or more edges connected together and the face is what fills in the empty space between the edges.In addition, faces are part of the object which gets material and texture applied.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.25.09
A vertex is the tiny element that used to produce a polygon model. It is a point on the 3D surface, which can be manipulated to create a different aspect shape of the 3D object.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.24.36
An edge is another element of a polygon. Edges help to sculpt the shape of the model and also transform them. An edge is composed on two vertices at their end points. Digital-Tutors Team (2013) mentioned that"Together, vertices, edges and faces are the components that all help to define the shape of a polygonal object."

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.24.04
Triangle is the simplest polygon consist of three vertices and edges.Triangle is often to be used to create a simple and low poly model.Digital-Tutors Team (2013) refereed “When creating complex meshes, triangles tend to pose a problem when subdividing geometry to increase resolution, and when a mesh will be deformed or animated."

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.23.06
Quad is made by four vertices connected with four edges around the four side faces. Quads are the polygon type, which is commonly be used to create a diversified 3D object and also has clean topology that help your model deform properly when animated.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.22.17
 Digital-Tutors Team (2013) stated “An n-gon is a polygon that is made up of 5 or more sides or edges connected by 5 or more vertices. It’s important to keep in mind an n-gon is typically related to a five sided polygon, but it’s not limited to just 5 sides. An n-gon should always be avoided, they often pose problems at render time, when texturing, and especially when deforming for animation."

Dolly modeling process
N-gon sometimes can be a common issue which we need  aware when we are creating either simple or complex model because it will be an annoyed problem when we move to the animating pipeline. For example, it is crucial to understand where to set up an edge or vertex to create knees and ankles… etc. in order to animate a character smoothly.



Modelling  Joint

Dolly modellingWhen I was modelling my character,I always asking my self  “is this vertex, face, edge necessary to be here?" In order to create a clean topology for the character,and also concern the result after rendering out, it is an essential step which ensure every elements (vertex,edge.face) that you create have their own function on it.

Although it’s a bit different to compare with my character shape, it still a good reference to understand the basic wireframe which formed a figure.




World builders_Project management

In this blog post, I am going to illustrate the production process of creating a 2.5D animation. Before beginning this project, we chose the maze runner as our theme and all of us were happy about it. We decided to divide the scene into six parts and work individually. Although we had planned the project management,art bible and uploaded milestone process for each week on the drive.

There is one potential problem.How can we put our individual art work together? How to create a coherent image / animation?

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 15.18.32.png

Art bible

This is our art bible, which we need to learn and follow the style. It is really challenge for people who are just begin with digital painting. We didn’t talk about the difficulty of this art bible.In my opinion, I want to try to draw this style and see how far I can achieve with this expectation. Although we were a team, we mostly worked individually in the group. However, I shared tutorials about painting techniques and 2.5D  videos on the Slack,where we used to communicate with each other. The issue which we need to confront is not just communication but also give each other help in order to improve our skill and art work.

*Summary issue: Communication
In the world builders group, we have separated the work individually,which mean there are less interaction with each members, therefore, we can 100% focus on ourselves craft. Everyone in this group have different capability on drawing or using software, so in order to put everyone together,we need to be actively communicate either in the class time or on the Slack but we didn’t. There are some negative issue we were trying to ignore and keep move forward. We were trying to avoid having conflict with each other and always give a general commend,such as “looks good!" “nice work!"…etc. That comments won’t help any development on our skill. In my opinion, instead of asking “What do you think of my work so far?" we can question “Where can I develop / improve my work?". And it is always better to talk face to face in order to understand and obverse how ‘s other people feel toward the issue.

The positive aspect I have learned through this group project is to talk with the people who you can learn from and help people who are not so active as a team player. Conversely, the negative aspect is when I tried to help another team mate ,he / she doesn’t want to take my advice or other team members. If it is regards to personal self-esteem, I will respect them.
*Summary issue: Collaboration
Working with other people can be stressful but on the other hand, we can be more responsible and motivated toward ourselves and others. I like to work as a group because it is an opportunity to compare with other people’s work and my own work. For example, Mahdi,she was our leader in the world builders project, she has good skill on painting and full of responsibility. Although we didn’t talk much, I learned a lot from her,such as  finding a good tutorial reference and spent a lot of time to practice. When we confront the problem,we don’t deal an issue with our emotional, we need to be calm and solve the problem itself. Being a leader is not easy and I learned a lot with people when I worked as a group.

In the final of this project, we begin to talk about the problem peacefully. The solution is to share the scene assets with each other in order to create a consistent image when we rendered out the animation.

*Summary issue: Development
I am satisfied with the result of this project, although there are some scene which can be better, overall we did a good job. Before presenting the final gathered  image, we had an individual presentation, which is to show the facilitators and classmates the concept of our drawing, and it was an opportunity to listen third person’s advice. One student said we have totally different art style  in overall and what can we do to create a coherent image? And the conclusion is to share the assets with each other in order to create a consistent 2.5D animation. Most of us were using After Effects to composite the scene to create a 2.5 dimension in a space, and I found that After Effects is a really interesting software! It is enable to turn a flat image into 3 dimension visual picture and also we can create a special particle effect in After Effects.

World Builder’s Shot Deconstruction Blog Post

In this blog, I am going to illustrate my researched on cinematography and camera shot for the world builders project. Before start it, I want to briefly talk about what the context of this project about. We had six people in the group created a teaser animation from a novel.

In the article"Cinematography techniques: the different types of shots in film",Timothy Heiderich(2012, p.3) defines that“ cinematography comes in controlling what the viewer sees or doesn’t see and how the image is presented". Timothy Heiderich (2012, p.3) also said that “film is a visual medium and the best -shot film are ones where you can tell what’s going on without hearing any of the dialogue."

There are several basic techniques to create a camera angle in an animation and film shot,which will give you a great affect in making your film / animation shot look more professional.

Rule Of Thirds
The rule of thirds is to break down an image into 3×3 grid,splitting your frame into 9 boxes,such as this image ↓↓↓↓↓
incredibles4Darren Rowse, who is the editor and founder of Digital Photography school said “Studies have shown that when viewing images that people’s eyes usually go to one of the intersection points most naturally rather than the center of the shot – using the rule of thirds works with this natural way of viewing an image rather than working against it."

Whether producing a film shot or photography composition, rule of thirds assists the image’s balance and coherent.

Composition on the image is to arrange the elements in a scene and make people understanding immediately what to focus on and also make a more pleasing image. There are some different composition techniques we can follow, such as the golden radio, the golden spiral and the rule of thirds…etc. I will list some examples of composition and also how I used it on my project.

 The golden radio
Greek ancients were the founder of the golden radio and also believe in the Platonic concept of ideals.They believed that all things, both tangible and intangible, have a perfect state of being that define them.Creative Blog Staff (2015) said “Greek mathematicians, after repeatedly seeing similar proportions in nature and geometry, developed a mathematical formula for what they considered an ideal rectangle: a rectangle whose sides are at a 1:1.62 ratio. They felt that all objects whose proportions exhibited this were more pleasing, whether a building, a face or a work of art. To this day, books and even credit cards still conform to this ideal."

Implied line
This principle is essentially important because it can lead the viewer to the focal point. The artist used to use the secondary or third element to emphasise the main object.


Create by Jeremy Vickery

There is an example of  JEREMY VICKERY’s  art work. In this picture, you can see the tree is pointing to the background and therefore, this is the focal point of this image, which draw the audience attention to the spectacular mountain and sky light.

Film shot from the maze runner



The maze runner scene


The most impressive scene in this movie is how the director set up the camera angle to show the audience this massive maze wall. In order to present to the audience the extensive scale of the wall, the director lower the camera angle to shot the scene and make the viewer feel  it is too high to reached or escaped.

In my own world builders project, I did the similar method on the camera shot,which is to zoom in the scene and lower the camera simultaneously.

focal point

focal point

I also used trees as  implied line to create a focal point toward the maze entry!


Rule of thirds by Darren Rowse

Cinematography Techniques:The Different Types of Shots in Film by Timothy Heiderich

12 pro tips to improve your artistic composition by Creative Blog Staff


Research and implement specialization best -practice

Hello there
In this blog post, I am going to demonstrate the exercise and research I have been practiced in the last 3 weeks of my trimester.

I mainly focused on digital painting practice in the beginning of this trimester.
I haven’t had a chance to explore more about 3D technique before, so I choose 3D modeling as my specialized in order do not forget how to use 3Ds max and also I want to learn create variety of art pieces to put in my portfolio.

For my specialisation,I planed to create a two heads high character.I used Pinterest to collect references and learnt 3D technique through digital tutors and youtube video.My character’s name is Dolly, she is an old grandma but she is not stubborn instead she has open mind. I did the first concept for her and my idea for this character is bright and active, so I choose light colour for her cloth and design fashion hair for her.

Dolly grandma

This is the first concept I drew for Dolly and I really like it!

Because of the limited time and other projects needs to complete, I didn’t have enough time to focus and develop this character, so once I have an idea how’s Dolly looks like,I start to build a model in 3Ds max.

Dolly modeling process

Modelling Dolly in 3Ds max

Before start build Dolly in 3Ds max, I did research and watch tutorial for having idea how to turn 2D image into 3 dimension model.

I found this variety of hands model sheet in Pinterest.
In this image, it shows model’s wireframe , which gave me a direction to build and shape hands.

In this pinterest board,I collected character concept  and modeling  references for inspiration.
Dolly modelling

Dolly’s fashion hair is part of her characteristic and also is the complex part of this model.

this tutorial is to teach how to build a  hair mesh model in 3Ds max. Although I didn’t follow every step through this video,it is a good inspiration when I don’t have any idea from where to start.

dolly model complete
This is the complete model in 3Ds max.I also uploaded this model on sketchfab.
This model still have a room for improvement,so I will use the break time to keep developing this character.

Learning Pixel Art technique

In my memory about pixel art was in my childhood when I used to play video game, such as Sonic game or Doraemon…etc.

I like this kind of art but I never had a chance to know how to create pixel art until I cooperate with game student to help them create pixel art assets. I did some research about pixel art and the technique,so I wanna share with you about my discovery!

*What is Pixel art?
-Pixel art, which are composited and edited by every single pixel then turn into an object or character which is low resolution. Pixel art also is a form of digital art, you can mostly see it appears on the early mobile game or old computer.

*How to create pixel art and which software to use?
-Pixel art might frighten people who never have an experience before. So its time to practice! I found a website which teach the beginner how to start the first step of their pixel art!
Here is the URL:


You can start with any simple element you see everyday.This is an example from the  above tutorial website!This rock seems sophisticated but once you start to draw it, you will learn about structuration, shading and special highlighting techniques.
If you wanna learn pixel art textures,this article will be a good tutorial for the beginner or concept artist to begin with! They teach you step by step and also attached visualise explanation ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Another tutorial which is creating a tree.It’s interesting and also useful for every game environment design! Tutorial↓↓↓↓↓↓

Overall,there are a lot of tutorial on Pinterest and website to teach you how to create pixel art asset! Practice makes perfect!
And also here is the link below which, I cooperate with game student to create pixel art!

Cross-discipline project

Hello there!
In this blog,I am going to talk about the cross discipline project, which I have cooperated with in this trimester. I have worked with game and graphic design  disciplines during the short 3 weeks time,it was pretty rush and struggled because I also need to learn new skill and technique in order to achieve my client’s expectation.

Graphic design discipline.

I was working with Sam Ferguson who is the graphic design student.He explained that he wants me to make an animation for his logo. He designed this original logo for a spray painting company.
Here is the logo↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.16.34

Spray painting style Logo designed by Sam Ferguson

The purpose of this logo animation is to animate the painting slowly dripping down and stop, so it will look like the original logo.


This is a finished animation.↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

*How is the process to create this logo animation?
– I completed this logo animation in really short time. Me and Sam we had a face to face discussion just one time because this animation wasn’t a complex work. I actually spent one day to complete this animation.In the process, I had misunderstood what he wants for the animation and it makes me so frustrated because I felt I was wasting too much time to do a wrong thing. Fortunately, I completed this logo animation as soon as I can and he is happy about the result as well.

*What did I learn through the process?
– Communication is crucial when we are working with other disciplines,we always need to take a note and ask as many questions as we can in order to understand what exactly other disciplines students expected to see.

Game design discipline (Shackled).

I also worked on the environment design with game students. This project is their final project and the style of the game is 2D asset. We had a discussion about the workload and art bible for this project, we were using Google Drive as our concepts and references collection and Facebook as communication platform,and we also have meeting every friday around 10 am.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.15.00

Google Drive


Here are some environment concepts and assets I had created.↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 14.47.01
We choose dudgeon as our art style,which is dark and medieval visual image. So I came out some idea for the environment design. Above image is my initial concept and then I keep developing another idea which is Dark grave.↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 16.21.56
The idea I came out for dark grave is dusty and death and hopeless.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 16.18.15

This are the assets I’ve created for the game. 


It is important to list every single asset, which I am gonna work on.

*What do I learn through the process?
-This is my first time learning pixel art in a really short time and I do like it! I have using Pinterest to collect reference images and it is definitely help me a lot to understand light and shadow, which can give the objects or assets more realistic feeling.

Finalise world builders project.

Hello there 🙂
In this blog, I am going to finalise and demonstrate my own individual scene of the world builders project.
I wrote the pre-production process in the previous blog, which include the theme we chose from a book,  art bible and my individual scene concept.
Here is the link for refreshing :D↓↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


Photoshop scene

whole scene


Above pictures is to show that how the whole scene looks like when it been put together. The idea of this environment design is to present when the sunrise in the morning and the light reflect on the maze wall and tress.The focal point in the whole image is the door of this maze,which I used the trees and trunks to emphasise it.

individual layer

separated layer

For creating 2.5D visual animation in After Effects, I separated every object individually in different layers. It is an essential process if we want to create 2D drawing into 3D space in AfterEffects.Later I import photoshop file into After Effect and set up as 3D layer,those objects will look like card board, and what we need to do is to pull back and adjust each distance between each objects.


This is how my separated objects looks like.↑↑↑↑↑
AfterEffects Scene
To make 2.5D scene, I create a camera, lighting and also pull back each object layer to create 3 dimension space.

First test for my own scene! I am quite happy how it rendered out.

we have six people in a group and each person have their own individual scene to present!
* Early morning scene→ Mahdi
* Morning scene→ Vicky
* Morning midday scene→Isaac
* Midday afternoon scene→ Hamish
* Sunset evening scene→ Jessie
* Evening night scene→ Cat
We published this project on youtube and the

After we complete this project ,I felt I am learning a lot through the process! Not only my own drawing skill but also how to work with people as a team and put everyone together! I truly feel that we can work individually in a team and just care about ourselves but on the other hand, if we can work together and help each other out that will be really pleasant and memorable. My intention for this project is to put in my portfolio pieces and also develop my own skill.

2 scene

previous drawing


Photoshop scene

Final scene

We published this project on youtube for showing people and also for our portfolio pieces in the future.


  • How can I improve my scene in world builders?
    -I created my previous glade scene in After Effects and it only has a camera set, which zoom in toward the maze wall. To develop the scene, my facilitator suggested to add some movement to the grass and leaves,the leaves could be animated with After Effects particle system and also add a slight glow to the stars.
  • What method did I use to develop the scene?
    I took the advice from my facilitator and I’ve researched how to create a special effect by using particle system. In the beginning, I asked one of my teacher to show an example of creating particle in After Effects but honestly it was too quick to remember everything. Well, at least I have a vague image in my mind. Therefore, I searched various tutorials on youtube to understand the process clearly.

Firstly to create a particle system for an object is to go Layer→New→Solid. And there will automatically create a new particle layer on the animated bar.


Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.11.56
The most important step is to understand what each option work in Effect Control’s interface (above picture with red square). I don’t need to animate hundred of leaf  falling from the tree.I just need to draw one or two different style of leaf and added to particle type,such as this image ↓↓↓↓↓↓
Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.03.55

Then added animation by choosing the one which look right for the scene.
Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.07.10

I’ve learned a lot by creating particle effect by testing again and again. It makes the scene looks more dynamic and lively overall.